Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just a Grievance...

I would just like to make public my anger at the provider of telephone and internet service at my home office. Verizon is a terrible, terrible company, which is responsible for my internet connection being inexplicably severed at the beginning of both April and May. Combine that with their awful infrastructure, the fact that every time I have a local problem I have to call a foreign country for service, lest the corporation have to pay anyone a living wage, and the fact that even their technicians are fed up with their lack of customer service, and it's quite clear that Verizon is a company not worth dealing with. In fact, that's not strong enough. If I don't see substantial improvements in my service very soon, I'll commit myself to promoting their competitors, for purely vengeful purposes. It doesn't take much to keep me from complaining about products and services, but Verizon has done virtually everything they can do to earn my rather unique ire, so kudos to them. I am at a breaking point with these people. What an atrocious business.

Now that that's out of the way, and now that I'm back online (even if with one-tenth the speeds I'm supposed to have), I'll get back to more serious blogging tomorrow.

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