Thursday, August 11, 2011


I still get occasional e-mails from I signed up when I was living in Boise, at which time I had no money, just as I do now, but was also naive enough to believe that there might be something significant I could do for the cause besides donating cash. Requests for money comprised about eighty percent of any given message back when President Obama was candidate Obama. It's actually quite different now. There are occasionally statements of fact and expressions of position in their mass e-mails these days, but it's bad timing, because now I usually don't care to read what Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, has to say. I haven't unsubscribed for some reason, but I sometimes just don't open them. However, I was pleased that I opened the one that arrived tonight, which said something interesting.

That is, I found it interesting that Messina was probably able to type his commentary without any intention of irony. He was apparently writing about the Iowa Republican debate, but I prefer to take the line out of context and lightly redacted, in which case I can swear that he's talking about the entire political population of Washington, D.C. over the course of the past decade:

"What we're seeing unfold... is a race to the right, where it's becoming difficult to distinguish the candidates from each other... I suspect that tonight it will become even more clear that this whole group is way out of the mainstream."

Well put, Mr. Messina. Well put. I'll just not read any farther.


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